TRABLISA is music from Berlin, Germany. The solo project of Florian Grove (also see PEIPR with Fnubi and TOTALE with Fiete Rohde).
„New It’s One Time“ (released February, 19th, 2023) is TRABLISA’s fourth studio single. Featuring LAURE BOER and based on a live recording from the gig at GLOBE GALLERY festival 2022. „Planet Odd“ (released May, 20th, 2022) is the third studio single, the second „Great Point Messed Up“ (released February, 22nd, 2022) and the first „Nothing Fits Together And It All Works Well“ (released Oktober, 3rd, 2021). It’s official video by SHREDITVISUALS came out in summer 2022. Apart from that two instrumentals were released: „Flora Is A Man“ (June, 21st, 2022) and „Dween“ (December, 28th, 2021). TRABLISA’s first EP “Connector/Collider“ was released on 4th of August, 2021.
All songs mastered by DENNIS KERN (STUDIO WONG, Berlin) or FNUBI. Live Visuals in the Official Videos by ARIAN RASSOUL. Camera by STEFAN UNTERBERGER.
All songs and lyrics by TRABLISA (except „Rampensaurus“, a TRABLISA-Mix of a live take from TOTALE).
Cover and artist photo by DEJAN PATIC. Webpage by CAROLINE RISMONT. All rights reserved.

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Berlin based analog-electronic music


Night drive music from Munich/Berlin


Tightrock from Hambug